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The laptop speaker's cuter alternative

Let's face it, MacBooks aren't built with the best laptop speakers around; so, naturally, us audio perfectionists waste no time in plugging in a pair of external speakers. But their builkiness replaces their portability, and you can't exactly lug them around in your laptop bag, unless you want to zip it up every morning like you're zipping up your ultimate holiday suitcase (or your shoe suitcase, whichever deems applicable).

These Matryoshka doll-esque, art toy-like speakers are practically waiting for me to sit them on my table, wherever that may be. One of my favorite contemporary artists, Jeremiah Ketner, designed this particular piece. It even has a dainty little hook up top so you can hang it from a small chain. Finally, a Kid Robot dummy that does more than leave a dust footprint on your dresser.

credit: headphonies

Bruno Dayan

All photos by Bruno Dayan, a highly underrated fashion photographer -- a master of combining fantasy with modern film-noir and the fashion world's now-inescapable taste of S&M.

Do I have to mention the busy week that has thankfully just passed? I've had jet lag, sans the jet. I've scurried through important VCU papers, then scurried through downtown Richmond at orientation. And I haven't downed nearly enough coffee to keep my eyes from sealing shut.

But it's over! Those dragging days are finally done, it's Friday, and I'm anything but in love. I planned on staying home. But of course, what are plans these days? You're reading last month's Nylon and suddenly you hear that little buzz and you see the red light blink and you read the text that is actually an invitation for you to come visit a friend. So Kirstin and I watched Edward Scissorhands while the rain poured and the lightning struck, and Edward cut the neighborhood slut's hair, and I drove home with a stomach full of pizza.

And let me tell you, Winona Ryder (Kim in the movie) could be Keira Knightley's sister. Or Natalie Portman's.

from left: Winona and Keira

credit: some websites I found through Google


My Name is Not Scarlett is undergoing some changes. First, the name's changed (obviously), leading me to change the URL as well. You are now visiting The Smudging Rouge at thesmudgingrouge.onsugar.com :)

I'm Millie, almost at the dawn of age eighteen. I like little things, I like bow ties and flowers and cute tiny bottles of perfume. I sing along to weird music and I hide my nose in weird books and I sit through too many weird movies. I like pale bright colors and I like black. I sit and stare at pretty things so I can paint and draw in my cozy little corner of the room.

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